Amazing Features Of Hemp Plant

joel muniz Hemp Plant unsplash

One of the highlights of the growing wildfires in recent days is the planting of hemp plants and olive trees in burning Woodlands. We have brought together the amazing properties of decoction plant for you.

  1. One acre of hemp produces as much oxygen as 25 acres of forest.
  2. Again, from one acre of hemp, 4 acres of paper can be produced.
  3. Hemp can be converted to paper exactly 8 times, while the tree can be converted to paper 3 times.
  4. Hemp grows in 4 months, while a tree grows in 20-50 years.
  5. Hemp is a real radiation cleaner.
  6. Hemp can be grown anywhere in the world and needs very little water. He also does not need pesticides, as he can protect himself from insects.
  7. If textiles made with hemp become widespread, the pesticide sector could disappear altogether.
  8. The first jeans were made of hemp; even the word “canvas” is the name given to hemp products.
  9. Hemp is used in at least 250 diseases such as rheumatism, heart, epilepsy, asthma, stomach, insomnia, psychology, spine disorders, reducing the effect of chemotherapy and radiation in the treatment of AIDS and cancer.
  10. The protein value of hemp seed is very high, and neither of the two fatty acids in it are found anywhere else in nature.
  11. Hemp is even cheaper to produce than soy.
  12. Hemp-fed animals do not need hormone supplements.
  13. All plastic products can be made from hemp, and hemp plastic is quite easy to convert into nature.
  14. If the body of a car is made of hemp, its durability is exactly 1 times more than steel.
  15. It can also be used for insulation of buildings; it is durable, cheap and flexible.
  16. Soaps and cosmetics made with hemp do not pollute water; that is, they are completely nature-friendly.

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