Best Science Fiction Movies

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The best science fiction movies used to make these science fiction movies better or something. Now they make movies like animation and put 3-5 goods on the screen with the nonsense of saving the world and make them swallow it as science fiction. If you add science fiction movies that are left in the corner on the coast to the comments, let’s watch October:)

List Of Best Science Fiction Films

Archive 2020

Gavin Rothery’s first feature, starring Stacy Martin and Theo James, and Toby Jones and Rhona Mitra, takes the audience to 2038. The Film focuses on the character of George Almore, who develops a new prototype and hides this artificial intelligence from everyone because he wants to be reunited with his decedent wife.

IMDB rating: 6.3
Year-country: (2020) UK, USA, Hungary
Genre: Science Fiction

Coma 2019

After a mysterious accident, a young talented architect returns to his life in a very strange world that resembles the truth. COMA This world is a formation based on the memories of those who live in it.People waking up from a deep coma deconstruct memories and memories.Cities, glaciers and rivers can all be found in one room. All laws of physics can be broken. The architect struggles for Coma’s life, continuing to spread his love of life around the environment and looking for the exit to return to the real world, having to make laws and regulations after his experiences.

IMDB rating: 6.5
Year-Country: (2019) Russia
Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Daylight 2007

What if one day The Sun turns away from the Earth? By 2057, the world is under enormous threat. The sun no longer warms the Earth as it used to, and consequently the existence of humanity on earth faces a mortal danger.There is only one way to reverse this bad trend: the team led by Captain Kaneda, who is on his way to the sun with a spaceship called Icarus II! They will try to ensure that the sun can act again with the nuclear hood they carry. All the world is holding its breath, waiting for the success of this eight-man team, Icarus II is suddenly disconnected from the radio with Earth. Now they are alone and facing the Sun.British director Danny Boyle, who made his name a lot with the success he achieved with Trainspotting, caused a stir among lovers of the genre with his science fiction film Daylight, which he decked out in future fiction. Get ready for a claustrophobic tension as you decipher between the sun and the Earth!

IMDB rating: 7.2
Year-country: (2007) UK, USA
Tür: Science Fiction, Thriller

12 Monkey 1995

A deadly virus threatens the entire world. This virus, which killed 5 billion people in 1996, left only one percent of the world’s population alive in 2035. In order to be protected from the effects of this virus, people begin to live by establishing colonies underground. In order to overcome this virus, one of the prisoners, James Cole, is sent back in time with a time machine. Accidentally sent to 1990, Cole conducts research on the virus for scientists. Cole, who later continues his time travel, is taken to a mental hospital in 1996. Here’s The Doctor. Cole, who meets Kathryn Railly, begins to convince her of the situation they are in.

IMDb rating: 8.2
Year-country: (1995 )USA
Tür: Science Fiction, Thriller, Mystery

I’m Legend 2007

Robert Neville is a successful scientist,and he has not been infected by an irresistible dangerous virus that is believed to destroy humanity.The virus caused the death of people in a very short time, eventually Neville managed to become the only person alive in New York. But Neville’s situation is very difficult because he is perhaps the only person on earth. He travels for three years, trying to reach survivors through the radio messages he spreads.Neville, who cannot come across any living creatures, is actually not alone and his every move is monitored. Old human-New Mutants who survived the epidemic are waiting for Neville to make a fatal mistake

IMDB rating: 7.2
Year-country: (2007) USA
Tür: Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller
Director: Francis Lawrence

Interstellar 2014

As our life on earth ends, a group of researchers take on the most important task in human history, traveling beyond the galaxy we are in to discover whether humanity can survive beyond the stars. With his technical knowledge and very resourceful, Cooper makes a living farming in cornfields; his only purpose in life is to offer his two children a safe life. While grandfather Donald, who lives with them, looks after the children, his 10-year-old daughter Murph has a surprising intelligence. Cooper, who misses the career of a scientist he left in the past, one day comes across an unexpected offer, and his family must make a difficult decision for the safety of humanity, moreover … the Film, Kip S. It was created inspired by Thorne’s theory that ” wormholes ” really exist in the universe, and thus time travel is possible.

IMDb rating: 8.6
Year-country: (2014) USA
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure

Repo Men 2010

In the near future, the production of artificial organs has become possible. In this way, people can live their lives without a real organ transplant. On the other hand, according to the agreement made when buying these artificial organs, which are very expensive, the company has the right to return the organs if payments are not made regularly

IMDB rating: 6.3
Year-country: (2010) USA, Canada
Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Crime

Her 2013

Heodore Twombly earns her living by writing handwritten letters that will become something rare in the near future, and these days computer programs now perform people’s work. Theodore begins living alone in an apartment after divorcing his wife, and his life changes with a tech commercial he encounters one day. A new phone model that offers a flawless artificial intelligence system introduces him to Samantha, an extremely attractive woman. Samantha, a virtual being, introduces Theodore to a completely different reality with the questions she asks about the world and life. As Theodore, who is in a decadent depression, slowly begins to notice the pleasures of life, his relationship with the artificial intelligence program becomes more and more strange.

IMDb rating: 8.7
Year-country: (2013)USA
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Upgrade 2018

A Million-Dollar businessman offers a treatment solution to someone who is paralyzed from the waist down. Grey Trace, who was brutally attacked while he was with his wife, was paralysed from the waist down as well as losing his wife in the attack. One day, a billionaire inventor gets offered an experimental treatment that will improve his body. An artificial intelligence implant called STEM is inserted into Trace’s body for treatment. After gaining superhuman abilities through treatment, Trace sets out to take revenge on those who killed his wife and ruined his own life.

IMDB rating: 7.8
Year-Country: (2018) Australia
Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Horror

Equilibrium 2002

We are in a world of the near future that has barely managed to heal the wounds of the Third World War. The dominant totalitarian system, which has not been able to overcome the trauma of war, suppresses people’s feelings in order to maintain peace. Possession of artistic objects or interest in art is prohibited. The penalty for actions that trigger emotions or actions that reveal them is enormous. The Reverend John Preston, Senior Constable (C. Bale) is tasked with finding and destroying those who break the rules. One day, Preston begins to distance himself from his identity.

IMDB rating: 7.4
Year-country: (2002)USA
Tür: Action, Science Fiction, Drama

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