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If you want to open an underwear store or other name, you can start your own business in a short time by following the steps in the guide one by one.

Underwear-underwear is among the businesses where every person is a direct customer.Dec. A person needs underwear products from the moment he is born to the last moment of his life. In recent years, there has been a large increase in demand for better quality, brand products in products for underwear. It is recommended that entrepreneurs and investors who plan to enter the sector establish a business aimed at more brand products in this context.

Underwear continues to maintain its importance as a very large Sunday and is increasing increasingly. Even a few years ago, there was no competition from major brands in the sector, while today there are very high-level advertising and marketing studies.

Lingerie shops have a much wider range than before. It is possible to find not only underwear products, but also many evening dresses in these businesses. In this context, the level of capital required for entry into the sector is increasing day by day.

What do you need to set up the store?


It is recommended that a business plan be prepared before the stage of setting up the store. Prepare every topic you can think of, such as what the job will be, target audience, products, shop to be rented, staff, and determine the answers in advance. Neglect is never recommended. This will provide you with a road guide and allow you to build the business with more solid foundations. Maybe thanks to the business plan, you’ll even realize that the job isn’t really for you.

In the business plan, it is especially recommended to set up the capital and cost account well.


One of the most important issues that you need to focus on when opening an underwear store is finding a store in the right place with high potential. Never be hasty in finding the right shop; always do a few days or even weeks of research to find the best place.

Especially you need to consider the busy points. It is important that the shop has a minimum size of 60 square meters and the ceiling has a minimum height of 4 meters. In such businesses, it is often an advantage that it is far from competitive. It might be a good idea to be a little away from your biggest rivals. If you have an opponent in one of the busiest spots, you may also have to be close in this case. In any case, he will take the lead in the competition that does his job in a better spot and better way. Therefore, you will need a competitive location.


Getting a license to start a clothing business is easy. Usually, municipalities do not require very specific documents to issue licenses.

The documents required to open an underwear store are as follows:

  • Application form (to be obtained from the municipality)
  • 2 passport photos (if a person)
  • Copy of title deed
  • Lease agreement (from tenants)
  • Confirmation of the Register of artisans and artisans-room registration
  • Fire extinguisher tube receipt (1 Unit 6 kg per 100 m2) (“fire report ” may be requested according to workplace activity, Business Center and residence)
  • Residence Report / Zoning Amnesty Certificate
  • Numeracy
  • Real estate-environment-cleaning tax / ad advertising registration, etc. inquiry document (to be approved in revenue unit)
  • Stranded nylon file

In October, you will need a tax plate. Details of the documents needed to open the shop and the cost can be found in the guide.

Decoration and design

One of the most effective ways to make an underwear store interesting is to provide a stylish decoration and design. You can browse various underwear stores for inspiration, as well as get professional support for decoration and design.

The cost required for decoration and design has increased recently. In order to get ahead in the competition, you will necessarily have to focus on different ideas. Especially when planning the process, be sure to take care of sufficient space between the decks and great lighting. After you have planned both correctly, you can change other details from time to time as you wish.


There is not a lot of product range in the underwear and underwear sector. You can find the same products but very different models. It is recommended to increase the number of models as much as possible to build a remarkable and competitive business. Based on the information you have prepared in the business plan, you can create the business in a different way as women’s underwear or men’s underwear. For both, setting up the same store may not be very convenient due to cultural characteristics. Therefore, you will need to either set up a business as women’s underwear or men’s underwear and buy the products wholesale in accordance with the choice you make.

Turkey is one of the world’s leading textile countries. Therefore, you can find countless businesses where you can buy textiles wholesale. It is always recommended that you plan the process in which you buy products wholesale correctly. It makes more sense to take little by little from different different models instead of getting too much from one product. In this way, you will have a chance to give more weight to the best-selling products.

Personnel and operation process

Depending on the products sold in underwear stores, you will need to have different staff. In women’s underwear stores, all employees are recommended to be women, and in men’s underwear stores, all employees are recommended to be men. You must personally choose the personnel you will hire and evaluate whether there is a staff that you want to see in a clothing store. Although experience is important, not everything should be judged on experience. By choosing your own staff and providing experience, you can also ensure a long-term association.
As standard for an underwear store, all days are similar to each other. In the early morning, the business is opened, cleaned and customers are welcomed. Usually, customers don’t spend as much time in underwear stores as they do in other clothing stores. The opportunity to try on many of the underwear products is often not provided, and customers will not be too eager to try anyway. For this reason, customers usually come to your store after making a decision to buy a particular product. It is easy to deal with customers, but it is also important to provide routing services to unstable customers.

It is also necessary to have a credit card in your business and provide installments if necessary.

Marketing and advertising

One of the most important processes for local clothing stores is to deal with competition and to do marketing and advertising work in order to attract customers.

For marketing and advertising purposes, you can launch a medium-scale advertising work for television, radio and newspapers that broadcast at the local level. In addition, social media accounts with serious followers from the local level can also be October ads at various levels. Returns must be monitored and the most successful advertising channels should be preferred more.

How Much Capital Do You Need For An Underwear Store?

Even compared to a few years ago, there was a large increase in the capital needed to establish an underwear store. In order to open a lingerie store that is among the competitive sectors, you will need an average of 300 thousand pounds of investment capital Dec.

How Much Does It Save For An Underwear Store?

Overall, the profit margin from turnover in the clothing sector is 30 percent, while profitability in the underwear sector is over 50 percent. An underwear store that does an average job provides a net profit of about 30 thousand pounds per month. This amount may vary significantly depending on the potential of the enterprise.

What Are Your Online Ideas For Underwear Store?

After owning an underwear store, all social media accounts must be opened. In October, it is recommended to open an e-commerce site for the business and start selling through online channels. Many consumers are more receptive to buying such products online rather than buying them directly from the store.

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