Opening A Baby & Children’s Clothing Store

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Opening a baby and children’s clothing store is one of the business ideas with high potential Dec. One of the sectors where profitability is highest in the clothing sector is baby clothing. Recently, profitability in the children’s clothing sector has also increased.

Turkey, with a population exceeding 80 million, contains a very serious level of potential for the clothing sector. The clothing sector in Turkey, which is a textile exporter in Europe and the Middle East, also provides significant profit margins in the domestic Sunday. Through small, medium and large-scale textile enterprises that can be found in almost any location, you can easily supply wholesale children’s and children’s clothing products and offer them for sale in your clothing store.

By opening a baby store, you can help parents and family members get the supplies and clothes they need for their little ones. If you like children, this can be a very satisfying and also extremely lucrative one.


Prepare a successful business plan before taking action to open a baby and children’s clothing store. With the right business plan, you can achieve a more successful business setup in a short time. Clearly include in the business plan what to do for the first 1 year of work, solutions to possible crises, and information from all the research you will do to improve the work.

Provide detailed information, especially about the shop where the business will be set up and operating costs.


It is recommended to find a shop on the main walkways to set up a shop for children, baby clothes. Preferably not less than 60 square meters is an advantage. Recently, stores that sell children’s and children’s clothing usually serve as 2 floors. If you have sufficient capital and believe that you can be ready for serious rents; it may be preferred.

In any case, it is important that the shop you will find is at a busy point. Because the clothing sector is one of the most important enterprises in retailing and you should consider it Dec.


To open a clothing store, you must obtain a license and tax plate. Otherwise, you will not be able to activate your business. It is always recommended that you negotiate with an accountant to get a tax plate, you will already need it to complete your tax transactions every month. In order to obtain a license, you must go to the municipality to which you are connected.

Documents required for obtaining a license:

  • Application form (to be obtained from the municipality)
  • 2 passport photos (if a person)
  • Copy of title deed
  • Lease agreement (from tenants)
  • Confirmation of the Register of artisans and artisans-room registration
  • Fire extinguisher tube receipt (1 Unit 6 kg per 100 m2) (“fire report ” may be requested according to workplace activity, Business Center and residence)
  • Residence Report / Zoning Amnesty Certificate
  • Numeracy
  • Real estate-environment-cleaning tax / ad advertising registration, etc. inquiry document (to be approved in revenue unit)
  • Stranded nylon file


Recently, a serious amount of money has been spent on the decoration and design of clothing stores. Customers are also turning directly to more engaging businesses. If you are not planning to start a business aimed at the low income group, you will definitely need a professional decoration. For shelves, aisles and lighting, it is recommended that you get help directly from a professional hand.

If you want to create the decoration and design process yourself, you can get inspired by browsing the Instagram accounts of large stores located anywhere in the world.

We also recommend that you choose a beautiful and modern store name for your store when planning the decoration process.


We do not recommend that you start building the business without completing the capital that will be required to open a baby-children’s clothing store. This can cause problems with your short-and medium-term goals. There are different ways to provide capital.Juliette: To find a capital supply for your business, check out the business building credit guide.Juliette: In the relevant guide, you’ll find ways to fund your business.


As an entrepreneur and investor who wants to open a clothing store for babies and children, one of the most important issues to pay attention to is to bring and offer trendy and fashionable clothing products for your store.

As you set out in the business plan, you must first consider which type of customers you will appeal to. For example, if you are going to work for a high income group, you need to focus on more brand products. Instead of doing this remotely, it’s important to check products on-site and negotiate face-to-face by going directly to suppliers.

The internet will be your biggest resource to find suppliers.

One of the issues that you should pay attention to at the point of purchasing products is to buy and make little by little for different products, rather than making a very serious bulk purchase for the same product. In this way, you will have a better chance to determine which products you will need. In this way, you can get more of these products during the next batch purchase.


For small members of our family, take care to work with staff who are loyal, reliable, customer-oriented, friendly and have a better level of oratory in your clothing store. In addition, it will be a serious advantage for the staff you will receive to your team to have a certain experience for the job you will set up. Even in some businesses, staff often direct the business owner and contribute directly to the business’s business volume.

Clothing stores usually employ 3-4 staff. But you can also successfully manage boutique-style businesses with 2 people.


After you set up the shop, you will have to make a nice opening. Don’t spend a lot of money on opening, but it’s also not right that you don’t open. Be sure to find a lot of guests when opening. It is also recommended that you provide beautiful music and something to eat and drink to be distributed to the guests.Juliette is also a good choice.

Advertising and marketing

After successfully completing the process, one of the main issues you should pay attention to is advertising and marketing. To the extent that your capital is in your hands, you need to deal with this process thoroughly. As a local shop, the main focus of your advertising and marketing work is all local;

  • Newspaper
  • Television
  • Radio

and people in your area should have social media accounts and websites that they like-follow heavily.

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