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Getting an education in Qatar and a University in Qatar is briefly the dream of most students today, it is now possible to get an education in a quality University in Qatar. Qatar, which has been economically more expensive in benchmarks to date, now seems to have begun to offer more economic educational options than our country.

Compared to the prices of private universities in our country, university education, especially in Qatar, is more expensive in this sense. Moreover, undergraduate education in universities in Qatar is only 3-4 years. (In some engineering departments, this period can be 3.5-4 years.) If we consider that the student will initially receive 1-year preparatory education for a foreign language, this period will be a maximum of 4-5 years.

Today, Qatari universities continue their deep-rooted traditions and offer quality education opportunities in almost every field. Qatari diplomas are now prestigious diplomas that are accepted all over the world compared to previous years. In this country, where the cost of education and living is high, Qatar, with its quality education, is becoming a center of attraction for more and more international students every day.

The master’s degree in Qatar is 2-years. Medical education in Qatar is 6-years, and Dentistry and pharmacy are 5 years.

Annual Fees At Qatari Universities

The cost of university education in Qatar is on average €3500-6500 per year. Medical education in Qatar costs an average of $15,700-$18,200 per year, dentistry costs $ 16,300- $ 18,200 and pharmacy costs $ 10,420- $ 12,000.

In Qatar, the prices of preparatory schools, which provide an excellent basis for direct entry to their universities, vary depending on the quality of the schools and the preferred department, but we can say that they are generally in the range of 72,100 about 19,800 US dollars. For example, at Qatar University, the undergraduate program costs QR 365.00, which is equivalent to $ 1000 per credit hour. Some candidates selected from outside Qatar are offered scholarship opportunities to continue their undergraduate programs.

Admission Requirement For Education In Qatar

Admission requirements for Education in Qatar vary according to university requirements, as well as the type of application (New, transfer, visit, or candidates without a degree). Applicants applying to Qatar University as a bachelor’s degree must follow the following steps to ensure their admission:

  • You must apply Online, you can apply here
  • Final, official and certified high school grade breakdown
  • Health Certificate issued in Qatar (international students please International Student website)
  • A copy of the applicant’s Qatari Identity Card (non-Qatari applicants must also provide a copy of their passport; international students, please see the International Students website) Jul.
  • Two (2) recently identical passport photos (size 4 x 6 cm) with white background
  • Official test reports of applicants will be submitted to the Preparatory Program Test Center to be exempt from the Preparatory Program, which requires a preparatory program (if any).

Application Process For Education In Qatar

Students who want to study at a university in Qatar need to graduate from high school and have a high school diploma for their applications. .

Cost Of Living In Qatar

In Qatar, the cost of living is quite high, even one-bedroom apartments start at about $ 1,300 a month for rent. Utilities and the Internet cost $ 125 a month.

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