The Best Animated Films You Can Watch As A Family

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The best animated films provide fun moments for both children and adults. If you’re looking for an animation to watch as a family from this point of view, you can browse the list. In this way, you can get lost between colorful scenes and enjoy a decadent movie.

The Grinch

The Grinch, who lives alone in a cave with his trusty dog Max, is a little grumpy. Not forced out of the cave with inventions and techniques to meet his daily needs, the Grinch rarely encounters his neighbors in the WHO Village. But the neighbours ‘ annual Christmas exuberance haunts him. Especially knowing that this year’s Christmas celebrations will triple, Grinh has only one more thing to do: steal Christmas. And The Grinch is waiting for you to see if he can do it.


The next film among the best animated films is Coco.Dec. Referring to the day of the dead in Mexico, Coco talks about a day of magic and adventure for young children. The main character of the film, Miguel, finds and plays the guitar of a famous musician he loves but is no longer alive, while the dimension he lives in changes and heads to the land of the dead. Forbidden by his family to make music, Miguel also discovers a family secret, leading you on a different adventure.


The unexpected friendship between a selfish postman and a lonely Baker offers much of the fun you need in a decidedly Cold, Dark City. Jesper, the worst student at the postman Academy, discovers that he has been assigned to an ice island north of the Arctic Circle. From this point of view, Islanders do not greet each other. As Jesper is about to give up, he also meets Klaus, who lives alone in a shed full of handmade toys. This unexpected friendship gives you fun moments.

Toy Story

Decked out in the world of film in 1995 and among the best animated films, Toy Story tells the story of a toy living in a box in a children’s room. Cowboy Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. This film about Potato Head, Slinky Dog and Rex deals with what happens at the beginning of toys. There are also 4 different films that are the sequel to Toy Story.

The Addams Family

A woman devoted to her husband and children, Morticia is a pale glue that unites families. A friendly, mischievous family man passionately in love with his wife, Gomez has always kept his entrepreneurial spirit alive. Children in the family are also truly unique individuals. But family members are not limited to them. Fester, the crazy uncle of the family, is friendly, funny and probably confusing in every way. The Adventures of this fun family meet you in the most enjoyable way.


After crying for the first 10 minutes of watching Up, which is among the best animated films, you will find yourself having fun.Dec. Carl, who has lost his wife and is very lonely, resists changes in the House. One day, when he decides to go around without anyone’s help, he ties a large number of balloons to his house and flies away to see the rest of the world. From this point of view, a surprise guest also went on a trip with him, unbeknownst to Carl.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

The adventure continues to develop with the addition of new members to The Secret Life Of Pets 2 team. Influenced by a city life that is not easy for dogs, our heroes begin to meet new characters with behavioral problems. After Max advises dog activists to live intertwined with nature and return to their nature, he learns to be a dog with the help of Rooster, whom he met on a farm, and the story continues in this way.

The Incredibles

The adventure of this family, each with different special powers, will entertain you a lot. Among the best animated films, this film is about family members who are in trouble with superpowers Dec. But even as family members ignore this problem, he begins to use his powers to fight evil once again. And in doing so, they add an incredible color to their lives. The second sequel to this animated film, which premiered in 2004, came in 2018.

Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc. he chooses a very fun way of turning childhood fantasies into animations. The monsters can enter the house by scaring the children out of the closet in any child’s room, and then return to their factory. But when one of the naughty children comes to them instead of being afraid, their business gets worse. The story of two monster friends, Mike and Sullivan, continues in the film Monsters University.

Despicable Me

Despicable Me, which is on the list of Best Animated Films, is known under the name Crazy thief. Planning the biggest theft in history and taking steps to steal the bear, Guru puts his plan into action by bringing three children to the town. In addition, this movie, which becomes more fun with Minions, will entertain you very much. So you’ll be eager to watch the other 2 sequels.

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