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Studying At University In Hungary

Studying in Hungary and University in Hungary is the dream of almost every student, studying at a quality University in Europe is no longer the dream with Can Academy. Europe, which has been economically more expensive in benchmarks to date, now offers more economic educational options than our country, on the contrary.

Compared to the prices of private universities in our country, university education, especially in Hungary, makes a difference in this sense. Moreover, undergraduate education in universities in Hungary is only 3-years. (In some engineering departments, this period can be 3.5 years.) If we consider that the student will initially receive 1-year preparatory education for a foreign language, this period will be a maximum of 4-years.

Today, Hungarian universities continue their deep-rooted traditions and offer quality education opportunities in almost every field. Hungarian diplomas are prestigious diplomas that are accepted all over the world. With its economic education and living expenses and quality education, Hungary is becoming a center of attraction for more and more international students every day.

The master’s degree in Hungary is 2-years. Medical education in Hungary is 6-years, and Dentistry and pharmacy are 5-years.

Annual Fees At Hungarian Universities

The cost of university education in Hungary is on average €3500-6500 per year. Medical education in Hungary averages $15,700-18,200 per year, dentistry $16,300-18,200 and pharmacy $10,420-12,000.

In Hungary, the prices of preparatory schools, which provide an excellent basis for direct entry to their universities, vary depending on the quality of the schools and the preferred section, but we can say that they are generally in the range of €5000-7000.

Application Process For Education In Hungary

Students who want to study at a university in Hungary need to graduate from high school and have a high school diploma for their applications. You don’t need to participate in exams like YKS, TYT. (If you are applying except for universities in the top 1000, you must enter YKS and TYT for equivalence in Turkey!) Also, it does not matter which field you graduated from and which high school in Turkey.

English language level, such as IELTS/toefl to document the exam results, or if you graduated from a school teaching English and you can make a positive impression in the interview to be done, you can start the university directly without reading the preparation.

In English, the development of English practice and preparation education are necessary for the final success of the university.

In high school, you can graduate from the field of Social Sciences, i.e. a verbal Department. And after graduation, you can change your mind and say that I will be an engineer or a doctor. If you want to study at University in Hungary, believe me, this is not a dream. Because we will offer you Medical (all health sciences, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy), engineering, business and economics, such as specialized specialized (including master’s) preparatory courses to complete your missing courses and guarantee admission to universities in Hungary.

Graduate Education In Hungary

Hungarian universities offer you many alternatives for graduate education in Hungary. Education in Hungary is respectable, quality.

Students who are undergraduates are undoubtedly waiting for new pursuits in the real world. The globalizing world can surprise many new graduates applying for jobs.


A new education , a new language, additional features that will separate you from others…

At this point, graduate education comes into play. Being highly licensed has almost become a requirement today.

You may have to take this training to make a career, to guarantee your job and to look forward to the future with hope.

Hungarian universities offer you many alternatives in this regard. Graduate education in Hungary is respectable, quality.

“A master’s degree in Hungary is the dream of almost every student, to get an education at a quality University in Europe. Europe, which has been economically more expensive in benchmarks to date, now offers more economic educational options than our country, on the contrary.

Advantages Of A Master’s Degree In Hungary

  • For undergraduate and graduate studies in Hungary, you do not need to experience an exam stress. For this, you can register with your diploma. In other words, you do not have to take an exam.
  • The diploma you will receive from the Universities of the country is given equivalence by the YÖK in our country. So you can use your diploma in our country as well as abroad.
  • Since the language of instruction will be English, you can bring your language to the level of mother tongue by developing it in the social field.
  • Education costs are at the same level as our country. In addition, there is a more economical social life opportunity than other European countries.
  • With your permission, you will have the right to free movement of all European countries.
  • You can participate in fun activities in numerous social settings.
  • You will get the opportunity to know different cultures in a safe country.
  • With the strong training tradition in the background, you will develop yourself fantastically.


Don’t worry about getting admission from universities in Hungary. The Master’s-General English preparatory course of Hungarian state universities will increase your language level, strengthen your cultural and educational adaptation, complete your missing courses, and allow you to receive admission from the desired university from the desired Department.

You will be surprised to see the effectiveness and intelligibility of preparatory courses. After the appropriate basic sciences are given, you will witness the development of management organizations and identities with the team work done by all our master candidates.

The Program is a general and academic preparatory course that does not focus on specific topics. Preparatory Program courses ;

  • General English
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Research Methods
  • Scientific Reading
  • English for specific purposes/objectives

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